The Evolution of Pokemon Go!

Right now it seems as though everyone in the world is talking about and playing the game Pokemon Go. However just like a lot of games which have been released prior, there is always initial hype before it dies out slowly. We are seeing a huge amount of people walking around Central London with the Pokemon app live (absolutely killing their battery and phone data - but hey, it’s Pokemon).…
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Cycling – The REAL Benefits

Let’s face it, your childhood dreams most definitely didn’t consist of a daily drudgerous commute only to find your desk welcoming you to spend the better part of the day together. But fear not, it doesn’t have to be that way! Just like the dingy tube you were most likely amassed sardine-style two or three hours ago (and which you will be going back on soon), there is light at…
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The 8 Greatest Workplace Comedies

Once we finish work for the day, it's usually the last thing anyone wants to think about. However, there is one exception where thinking about work is acceptable, and that is workplace comedies. It's a great way to unwind and laugh about all the familiar moments. Below are some of the very best of them, covering a wide variety of jobs, so there's guaranteed to be something everyone can enjoy.…
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Using Gamification Within Apps

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics in non-game contexts to encourage users to achieve their goals. It takes the techniques commonly used within games to encourage usage and applies them to non-game models, motivating users to engage with businesses. Huge companies are using gamification within their apps in order to encourage brand loyalty and usage. For example: Nike uses gamification in their Nike+ applications to encourage and reward users who…
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Woman Music

The Best Podcasts For Your Work Journey

Excluding the lucky few who get to work from home, it's inevitable that most of us will have to travel some kind of distance to get to and from work each day. There are a number of things that can be done so as to not waste your time on the journeys, such as read, listen to music, and practice learning a language, however by far my favourite thing to do with…
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Ways to Keep Healthy in the Workplace

It’s extremely easy to live a sedentary lifestyle whilst working in an office environment. This is because we tend to get lazy and use all of our focus on work, when it would actually be much better spent supplementing this extreme focus. Below is a list of examples of such ways: Offer healthy snacks Succumbing to junk food and energy drinks to get through the day with energy is the…
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How Music in the Workplace Can Affect Productivity

Are you the kind of person who needs silence to focus on work, or do you like music in the office so that you can concentrate? If you do listen to music, is it something with lots of lyrics like a hip-hop track, or are you more inclined to listen to classical music? There are plenty of options for music in a workplace and unfortunately most people won’t agree on…
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Morale Blog Post

10 Best Ways to Improve Morale in Office Spaces

Employee morale is key to a great work environment but surprisingly, companies overlook this in so many ways. This can lead to lack of motivation, which decreases productivity and quality. There are a huge number of extremely easy ways to boost employee morale in order to create a happy workplace for your employees. Below are a number of such ways. 1) Create a Fun Work Environment By making things fun, it…
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